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What is 3d-printers?

3d-printers is a price comparison site where shoppers find great deals on their favorite products. We provide side-by-side comparison of latest prices, including tax and shipping, from a wide variety of sellers and stores. We also provide helpful information on sellers to help shoppers decide where to order from.

Is 3d-printers a store? Do I purchase products from 3d-printers directly?

3d-printers does not sell anything directly to users. We just provide a service for Internet merchants to list their products for sale on our website. If you want to purchase a product, please contact the merchant directly by clicking on the merchant's logo or the 'Go to Store' button.

Do I get charged to use your service?

No, 3d-printers is 100% free for buyers. Merchants that list products on our sites pay us a fee based on referrals of users.

I need help with a product I purchased. Can 3d-printers help me?

3d-printers does not actually sell any products. We recommend that you contact the merchant from which you made your purchase or the manufacturer of the product for answers to your questions.

How do I search for a particular product?

Simply enter the product you are looking for in the search box in the upper left corner and hit enter or the search button. A list of products is then presented. To filter your results, select a manufacturer, a price range and in certain cases, product features. You can also browse through our listings by category.

How do I check the status of my order?

3d-printers does not sell any products to users. We provide a service for Internet merchants to list their products for sale on our website. If you have a question regarding an order that you have placed, please contact the merchant directly.

How do I contact a merchant?

Please visit the merchant’s website for the most up-to-date contact information.

Why does the price listed on 3d-printers differ from that on the sellers' own web site?

We periodically refresh our listings with the latest prices. Sometimes sellers change the prices on their site before they are reflected on 3d-printers. 3d-printers cannot vouch for the accuracy of the prices advertised by sellers.

How do I disable personalized ads, clear my browsing history, or change my browsing preferences?

Just click on the 'Preferences' link at the bottom of the page to access your search and browsing history preferences.

How do I read or add seller ratings and reviews on 3d-printers?

Find the seller on any product page and then click on the 'Seller Reviews' link in the 'Seller Ratings' column. On the next page to add your own ratings, simply click on the 'Write a Review' link.

What is the difference between a product rating and a review?

3d-printers's product rating system shows the average of users' star ratings of a product. Product reviews are written reviews composed by our users about a product.

Do sellers ship to international locations?

It depends on the particular seller or store. Please search for the product that interests you and then inquire about shipping from any of the sellers or stores.

How do I set up a price alert?

We offer price alerts to notify users when an item drops below a specified price. You can only set price alerts for products with more than one seller. To set a price alert, please click 'Set Price Alert' at the top of the page listing all the sellers of that product. You will be asked to specify the price at which you would like to be alerted. If you are not logged into your 3d-printers account (or have not registered for an account), you will be asked to provide an email address to receive the price alerts.

How do I get more information?

Send an email with your question.

How do I list my products for sale on 3d-printers?

Go to Advertising page. You will find more information on how to list your products on 3d-printers.

How long does it take for my products to be listed?

Products can take up to a week to be listed on the site.