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Get Paid for Every Click

Imagine: Only the right product ad on the right page to the right visitor.

Want more ad revenue?

We know how.

You’ve introduced a product and your readers are curious. Don’t leave them hanging. Help them shop. Our retail product listing ads help your visitors easily buy the products you introduce.

We match your content with 350 million products. In 2,200 categories. From 8,000 trusted stores.

Not a shopping site?

Not a problem

We work out if your content is right for shoppers, then only put ads in front of people who are interested in buying. You want your product ads to be relevant. We do too.

Need better tools? We’ve got them

You define the experience. We provide the perfect product ads. They buy. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re big or small, we’ve got the tools:

Widgets: Find products based on keywords and categories.

API: Send a query for your needs, get an XML response.

JSON data feeds: Get hold of our complete catalog by merchant and category.

What’s next? We’re with you every step

The launch is just the start. Once we’ve got some data, our experts work with you to find ways you can make more money. Reports. Graphs. Daily emails. Whatever you need.

Quick and easy? You bet

It’s easy to earn more with our cost per click (CPC) product ad listings. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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